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Who We Are

I am a homeschooling mom of a large family.  I devote a lot of my time to our dachshunds and with everything else we have going on, I simply do NOT have the time to meet people for pick up.  If you purchase a puppy you will either come here or we do offer shipping via a puppy nanny that flies with the puppy.

At The Dachshund Ranch,  we are focused on breeding healthy, pet quality Dachshunds that meet the breed standard.  Our Dachshunds are CKC registered, but are not DNA tested and are considered 'pet quality'  dogs.  We do give full rights with the dog's papers, but do NOT claim to sell breeder stock dogs or show quality dogs.  We are a small hobby breeder and have a love for the breed.  We strive to breed healthy and beautiful colored Dachshunds.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to hear from you! Check back later for new updates to our website.


Most of the time our puppies sell before they are ready to go and we require a deposit to hold a puppy.  The deposit is $200 and is non-refundable except in the unfortunate event that a puppy dies before it is ready to go.  We accept  Square, or cash for deposits and other payments.  Occasionally, if a buyer doesn't use online payments we will accept a money order.  We DO NOT hold a puppy without deposit due to many people backing out, and deposit MUST be paid within 24 hours of being sent.   Once a deposit is placed on a puppy, it is taken down from our sales pages, and the new owner is sent pictures and updates each week until the puppy is ready to be picked up.

Health Guarantee
We guarantee to only sell puppies that are in good health at the time of sale.  They will receive their first vaccinations and schedule deworming.  The new owner will have 3 business days to have the puppy examined by their veterinarian for any congenital health conditions that may shorten the life span of the puppy. If any is found, you may return the puppy, with a signed statement from the veterinarian, for a full refund or replacement puppy if available.  Otherwise, the puppy is sold AS IS and non returnable if the buyer decides later that they do not want the dog.  You may click on the button below and read and/or print a copy of our health guarantee.
Puppy Care
We feed Purina Puppy food, and your new puppy will take a sample bag home with them.  If you decide to switch food, simply feed half and half for the first few days.  Our puppies receive Nemex dewormer at 2 and 4 weeks, and then Safeguard at 6 weeks.
We follow a different vaccine protocol than most breeders.  We have done a lot of research and want our puppies to have the very best protection from parvovirus.  We use vaccines made by NeoTech Vaccines and follow their vaccination schedule as recommended on their website.   You can click on the link below to go to their website and read about their recommended vaccines.  We order our vaccinations from A to A pet supply and they come on ice and nice and cold.  Vaccines are no longer useful if they are not kept cold before administering to the animal. 



We do ship our puppies in the U.S., but we only do so using a puppy nanny.  A puppy nanny is a lady that personally meets me at the airport, takes the puppy in with her on the plane, and then hand delivers it to the new owner.  She takes good care of the puppy the whole time and it is never left alone.  I do not and will not ship cargo.  The puppy nanny charges $450 to ship the puppy and her fee is to be paid to her in cash upon delivery of the puppy.

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